My German class's lecture materials say that it's "irgend jemand" (two words), but every source I've come across online uses it as a single word (irgendjemand). The latter makes more sense—it's anybody, not "any body."

Which is correct? Are they both acceptable?

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The correct form is »irgendjemand«. This has been changed in the course of the ortography reform of 1996; before 1996, »irgend jemand« was the correct form. I guess that's the main reason why you see both, but nowadays one should write it as one word.

Source: The official rules from 1996 say:

[§39] Mehrteilige Adverbien, Konjunktionen, Präpositionen und Pronomen schreibt man zusammen, wenn die Wortart, die Wortform oder die Bedeutung der einzelnen Bestandteile nicht mehr deutlich erkennbar sind.

Dies betrifft


(4) Pronomen, zum Beispiel:

irgend-: irgendein, irgendetwas, irgendjemand, irgendwas, irgendwelcher, irgendwer

(https://www.vbk.ac.at/files/docs_recht/public/Amtliche%20Regeln%20Neue%20deutsche%20Rechtschreibung%202006.pdf, pp. 41/42)

Additionally, in the word list they list irgendjemand and mark it with a star, indicating that this has indeed been changed by the reform (p. 160).

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