I’ve seen these examples:

Was kostet eine Fahrkarte nach …?

Wie viel kostet es bis zum/zur/nach …?

Wieviel kostet ein Einzelzimmer/Doppelzimmer?

In all cases the interrogative translates to how much. What is the difference (if any) between their meanings in each phrase, or are there any other differences?


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First of all: Since the German orthography reform of 1996 "wieviel" is out of the question. You will find it in older texts, but since then you have to write it as "wie viel".

So it's was kostet versus wie viel kostet.

Fortunately, when asking for a price, there is nearly no difference and you can use both interchangeably 99 % of the time, but in everyday language it is more common to say "was kostet".

What are the differences?

Wie viel kostet – required amount

Was kostet – type of consideration

"Wie viel" always asks for a specific amount, e.g.,

Wie viel kostet die Fahrkarte? – 3,50 €

Wie viel kostet uns die Umweltverschmutzung? – xxx Milliarden Euro pro Jahr.

Wie viel kostet uns die Umweltverschmutzung? – xxx Tote pro Jahr.

"Was kostet" may ask for everything and can be used for more abstract questions, e.g.,

Was kostet die Fahrkarte? – 3,50 €.

Was kostet ein Pakt mit dem Teufel? – Deine Seele.

Was kostet uns die Umweltverschmutzung? – xxx Milliarden Euro pro Jahr.

Was kostet uns die Umweltverschmutzung? – Unsere Gesundheit.

  • I would say: if "wie viel" is asked, the unit seems to be clear, so "wie viel kostet die Fahrkarte" could be answered "3,50" instead of "3,50 €". As you point out "was kostet" is everyday common language, the "3,50" is used here and for everyday do fit much better here - language loves its inconsistencies^^ Mar 18, 2019 at 15:20

The semantic difference between "Was kostet ..." and "Wieviel kostet ..." is, although probably unreflected by the persons that use it, that the first one could be answered by e.g. "Sie kostet Geld" while the latter aims towards a more quantitative reply.

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    @ShegitBrahm: I fail to see how this insults the asker (or anybody else). “unreflected by those posting these questions” is referring to those using “wie viel”, “was kostet”, etc.
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