What is a German expression for sound understanding as in:

Do you have a 'sound understanding' of Software Architecture and Artifical Intelligence?

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    Could you please add, in what way your dictionary wasn't helpful? Is it the usage of sound as an adjective, instead of a noun? Or something else maybe? – Arsak Mar 19 at 12:37
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    deepl.com/translator#en/de/… – Iris Mar 19 at 12:43
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    The English word sound has to be translated as tief here. Don't be confused, it doesn't mean low here but deep. – Janka Mar 19 at 13:01
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  • I don't know what sound is supposed to mean in English in this case. For some reason the word "sund" in Swedish rings me a bell, but it means more like "healthy". Do you mean healthy? – mathreadler Mar 19 at 20:25

As Janka in his/her comment stated, "tief" (im Sinne von vertiefen) would be the best translation here. So a sound understanding translates to "ein tiefes Verständnis". Alternatively weitreichend, zuverlässig, erfahren, erprobt or versiert could be used.


The adjective sound in this context could translate as any of the following:

solide, gut, sicher, gründlich, fundiert; umfassend, umfangreich, tiefschürfend; breit gefächert

In the context of job applications, there are often subtle distinctions that are only discernible to those working in human relations. Not being privy to that, I find it hard to estimate what level of competence is indicated by sound; if it is on the lower end of the spectrum, solide would fit, if it is on the higher end, umfangreich. Breit gefächert suggests breadth of knowledge.

Although understanding literally means Verständnis, I feel that in the context of a job application, it could also be Kenntnisse.

Haben Sie solide, gründliche, fundierte Kenntnisse in Bezug auf Softwareentwicklung und Künstliche Intelligenz?

Having written all that by hand, I see that the following website automatically generates, at least in this case, a pretty good overview regarding possible translations: link.


A dictionary from google search tells me sound means

"in good condition; not damaged, injured, or diseased. "they returned safe and sound"

Cognate to swedish "sund". In german, I would go with "gesund".

Same dictionary even claims "sound" likely comes from old-english "gesund" (same word as today's german!?).

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