Does the pronoun irgendwer precedes Nominalized adjective like pronoun irgendwas (Süßes) and which is the adjective inflection form after these pronouns?


The simple rule for adjective endings is they are weak if the determiner already has a strong ending. For irgendwer, that means the adjectives get mixed inflection.

Irgendwer Junges komme doch mal bitte her. (Nom)

Sie gedenken irgendwem Unbekannten. (Gen)

Gib es irgendwem Netten. (Dat)

Wir sehen irgendwen Alten. (Akk)

Please note the irregular -m ending on the pronoun in the genitive case. By the book, it should be irgendwessen, but really no one uses that form.

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