I've tried out various language learning software (Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More, Transparent), and I've been severely disappointed by the fact that not one of them actually teaches you the LANGUAGE, they teach phrases and basic communication, but it's all done through repetition and association, rather than actual cognition of the structure and grammar of the language. I'm looking for a piece of software that teaches a variety of languages (ideally Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, and German at least) by teaching you the mechanics of the language, rather than simply having me repeat phrases back at the screen and perform matching games.

For example, with Spanish, I'd like this software to teach me the language's pronunciation rules and letters, conjugation of verbs, give me categorized lists of common verbs, point out irregulars and what their irregularities are, separate the various tenses, and overall teach the structure of the language so I can get to the point where I could read and write the language given only a dictionary, and eventually understand it given enough memorized vocabulary.

If this software exists, I would be grateful to whoever could point me to it.

I attempted to ask this on the Chinese section, but haven't gotten an answer, hopefully with a more active section I can get more input.

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For German native speakers there is http://www.digitalpublishing.de for English, Spanish, Italian, French. They also have a software to learn German with user guidance in English, Russian, Turkish, French, Italian; but I don't know how good it is.

For Spanish, their software was good for me: After completing the intensive course, I passed the test at university and they put me in the third level of a four level basic Spanish education. And I was already beginning to speak and write quite freely then, so I would say the software was worth it.

DigitalPublishing offers also a broad spectrum of languages at http://www.speexx.com/ via Skype teaching now.

But don't underestimate the benefit of grammar and exercises books for the language of your choice, preferably in combination with a language course at university/ adult education center. No software can help you commiting the information to your own brain anyway.

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