How can I say so in German? Like when there is a small silence or maybe someone deviates from the original topic and you interject? E.g. So, where were we? or So, where are we going? or even So? (after a silence or expecting an answer).

  • In German, this filling would just be omitted in most cases.
    – Jonathan Herrera
    Commented Apr 16, 2019 at 9:52

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You have more than one possibilities:

So, where were we?

  • So, wo waren wir?
  • Also, wo waren wir?
  • Nun, wo waren wir?
  • Na, wo waren wir?
  • Okay, wo waren wir?

Same for "So, where are we going?"


  • Na?
  • Und?

Just adding to Hubet Schölnast's (correct) answer, you will mostly want to use also for so at the beginning of a sentence. I know several English speakers who start their German sentences with so and (for some reason) I find it particularly jarring. also resumes the conversation at a point; so says "That's settled, then".

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