Does Webcambild/Webcambilder/Webcamdern refer to a webcam that only shows images or can it refer to a webcam that shows streaming video?

eg: "Gegenstand dieses Vertrages ist die Bereitstellung von Webcambildern"

  • If a video was meant, or even a live video, this had to be mentioned in my view. But a judge would decide. Given judges aren't tech-savvy …
    – Janka
    May 2 '19 at 21:46

Technically speaking, a webcam video is the recording or broadcasting of multiple visual images made in digital format. Therefore and without any further information or context ... it can be both, but reading the contract's details will most likely tell you exactly what its about.

  • Webcambild
    One picture (image), taken with a webcam
    Alternate meaning: An image showing a webcam
  • Webcambilder
    Two or more pictures (images), taken with a webcam
    (Two or more images showng webcams)
  • Webcamdern
    Not a German word, i.e. this words means nothing

Gegenstand dieses Vertrages ist die Bereitstellung von Webcambildern.
Subject of this contract is the provision of webcam images.

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