Was ist der Unterschied zwischen rufen und anrufen?

Both rufen and anrufen mean to call, so what is the difference between the two apart from anrufen being a trennbar verb?

  • There's a big difference, you probably didn't catch all available translations well. May 19 '19 at 17:43

The main difference is, that Anrufen always needs another person/object.

Most people will use the verb anrufen, in the meaning of to give somebody a call (via telephone), while rufen is used for calling or shouting in general.

Anrufen can be used when you are shouting at someone like in Duden's example

der Wachposten rief ihn an

in the meaning, that a guard shouts at someone (to get his/her attention).

or when you are asking for help, most likely a deity

Gott um Hilfe anrufen

Rufen on the other Hand doesn't need another person. It can be just an action

In den Wald hineinrufen

Ich rufe nach Hilfe

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