What kind of word is im in the below sentence?

Arbeiten Sie zu zweit. Sehen sie das Bildlexikon an und schreiben Sie fünf Sätze wie im Beispiel.

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The word im is a preposition.

Just a comment: It wouldn't have demanded a great deal to figure this out by yourself, especially, since the English counterparts at and in (the) are also prepositions.

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    Im is a contraction of in dem, so strictly speaking, it is not a preposition but a combined preposition (in) and article (dem). – RHa May 30 at 18:51
  • @RHa and I think that is exactly the problem here - This contraction is a phenomenon other languages (like English, and unlike Spanish, for example) don't have. – tofro May 30 at 21:58
  • @tofro I think that the English contraction of can not to can't is quite the same phenomenon - it just doesn't occur in a preposition. – Volker Landgraf May 31 at 9:45

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