When I write "wie" by itself on google translator, it comes up as "as" but when I used it in a sentence, it comes up as "how". Are both right? And if so, could you give me an example when I could use "wie" as in "as".


Just as you've already guessed, wie can both mean how (if used as a question word) and as (if used in a comparison).

Question Word ("how")

Wie groß sind deine Schuhe?

How big are your shoes?

Comparison of equal values ("as")

Meine Schuhe sind genauso groß wie deine.

My shoes are as big as yours.

Comparison of unequal values ("than")

This might be an additional distraction for you, so if the following confuses you, just ignore it. There is also one regional specialty: In southern Germany, wie is also used as a comparative of unequal things, which translates into English as than:

So, in Baden-Württemberg, for instance, the following sentence is fine:

Meine Schuhe sind größer wie deine.

My shoes are bigger than yours.

while in written ("standard") German, the same sentence would need to be

Meine Schuhe sind größer als deine.

Just a side note on the scope of this site: This site is not meant to replace a dictionary. We would like you to consult a dictionary before asking here. (Have a look here: How do I ask good, on-topic questions about meaning, translations, or differences?) As infinitezero already pointed out in a comment, google translate is not a good source for translations. There are quite a few better dictionaries online, for instance dict.cc or leo.org

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    +1 really good answer. But it's important that in "standard" German, replacing "als" with "wie" for unequal values is wrong and may even annoy some people a lot. (Trust me, as a Swabian I know that struggle) – miep Jun 12 '19 at 6:15
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    @miep OK, I changed wording a bit to underline that it's a must to use als in standard German. – jonathan.scholbach Jun 12 '19 at 6:18

Die Frage ist so schwierig wie eine Googlesuche, oder wie soll ich sie verstehen?

Das Wort wie kann also, je nach Kontext, so oder so benutzt werden.

Wie spät ist es?

So spät wie eben, nur etwas später.

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    I think, English questions should be answered in English. Besides that, I think we should be nicer to new members to the site and show a more helping attitude. Due to the latter, I give -1 here. – jonathan.scholbach Jun 11 '19 at 23:05
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