Elle n'est pas de l'étoffe dont on fait les copines...

  • {literally}: She's not of the material from which we make girlfriends.

То express the idea of "she's not (X)girlfriend material", "she's not cut out to be anyone's (X)girlfriend", in French you say something like above with the word "étoffe" corresponding to "material / fabric".

In conversation, I'd probably say something like:

Gibt ‘ne gute Freundin ab, oder?

– Ganz und gar nicht!

How is this idea commonly/idiomatically expressed in German?

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    "Schwiegertochtermaterial" hab' ich schon mal gehört. "Freundinnenmaterial" noch nie.
    – tofro
    Commented Jun 16, 2019 at 11:30

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I don't think there is a literal translation for girlfriend material. Funny enough girlfriend-material/boyfriend-material was a 2018 suggestion for the "Jugendwort des Jahres", explained as

Mann/Frau, der/die sich für eine Beziehung eignet

so maybe it's best to use the English expression. Germans like hip English words ;) .

But if you insist. German expressions can be

taugt als Freundin

gibt 'ne gute Freundin ab (as you said)

eignet sich als Freundin

mit der könnte ich mir eine Beziehung vorstellen

or when you look at what someone has to be for girlfriend material

sie ist (für mich) beziehungstauglich / beziehungsgeeignet

But watch out: beziehungstauglich can be negatively connoted. Especially because of its counterpart, which is usually used as a selfexplanitory

Ich bin beziehungsuntauglich (My traits make me a person not suitable for a partnership)

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    "das Zeug zu X haben" is also popular. Commented Jun 17, 2019 at 6:36

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