For example: “Of course, I'll help you! What kind of a question is that? I'm your brother, for goodness' sake!”

I gleaned some translations from the web but I'd like confirmation from you natives that you would actually use them in a similar context, i.e. you're surprised or upset that someone would even think of asking such a seemingly pointless question.

Was für eine Frage ist denn das?

Was für eine Frage soll das denn sein?

Was für eine Frage?

Was ist denn das für 'ne dämliche Frage?

Thank you.

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    They‘re all correct, though your question is unclear why you doubt them and what research you did... – Torsten Link Sep 1 '19 at 21:54
  • It must be Was für eine Frage! as this is an exclamation. – Janka Sep 1 '19 at 23:24

No, these don't work as they are negatively connotated, like that's out of the question mostly would be. I would rather recommend

klar, gar keine Frage --an elipsis

adding a confirmative particle for emphasis would turn the other phrases, too, perhaps with a smack of irony.

PS: I see, belatedly, that you had the emphasis already in place. So, yeah, it kind of works. The different variants still set a different ton, especially with "dämlich".

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I think your

Was ist denn das für 'ne dämliche Frage!? / Was für eine Frage!

are well fitting. Or you may say shorter

Was soll die Frage?

Natürlich werde ich dir helfen. Was soll die Frage!? Ich bin schließlich dein Bruder.

The meaning is 'Das ist ja wohl selbstverständlich!' or 'Wie kommst du überhaupt dazu, mich zu fragen?'. You have a similar meaning in

Wie kannst du mich (nur) sowas fragen!?

Wieso fragst du (mich das jetzt)?

According to the tone the speaker may want to say that the answer to the question is obvious or that he is hoping that the addressed person will not doubt about his brotherhood.

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