In Tony Marshall's 1971 hit song Schöne Maid he sings the lyrics, "Schöne Maid Glaub mir so jung wie heut"

I understand that song lyrics might not make sense even to native speakers.

Is there a better translation than, "Pretty girl believe me so young like the day"?

Also, I am new to this forum, and if this question is not appropriate or is too informal for german.stackExchange would you please tell me a more appropriate forum?

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Schöne Maid, glaub mir, so jung wie heut is not a full German sentence. The full lyrics go Schöne Maid, glaub mir, so jung wie heut kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen. I do not know the song, but the lyrics I found suggest that this sentence is split across multiple musical verses. Maybe this is the reason why you didn't relate the two parts.

So jung wie heut kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen is a pretty common German figure of speech translating to something like we will never meet again as young as we are today.

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    The lyrics do in fact continue like this: "Schöne Maid, glaub' mir, so jung wie heut' / Oh ja ho ja ho / Kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen, vielleicht / Ist es schon morgen viel zu spät". The phrase "So jung kommen wir nicht mehr zusammen" is typically used as an invitation to nudge somebody into something: "You only live once, so drink with me, or dance with me, or.. - who knows if we'll get another chance" Commented Sep 27, 2019 at 21:57

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