What is the correct german translation of the word "housing" for each sentence of these sentences?

  1. Master of Science in Housing:

a- Master of Science im Wohnungswesen


b- Master of Science im Wohnungsbau

  1. Research project in Housing:

a- Forschungsprojekt in Wohnungswesen

b- Forschungsprojekt in Wohnungsbau

  1. Planning and housing development

a- Planung und Wohnungsbauentwicklung

b- Planung und Wohnsiedlung

c- Planung und Wohnbauentwicklung

  1. Housing research method

a- Wohnbauforschungsmethode

b- Methode der Wohnbauforschung

c- Wohnungsbauforschungsmethode

  1. Housing management and finance

a- Wohnungsmanagement und Finanzierung

b- Wohnungsbaumanagement

  1. Housing design

a- Wohnbaugestaltung

b- Wohnraumgestaltung

c- Wohnungsplanung

  1. Socio-economic aspects of Housing

a- Sozioökonomische Aspekte des Wohnungsbaus

  1. Law and Housing

a- Recht und Wohnungswesen

b- Recht und Wohnungsbau

Please give me the correct answer if one of these sentences is wrong! Thank you in advance!

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Firstly, I suggest you modify the preposition. The following "im" is short for "in dem".

Master of Science im Wohnungswesen, Wohnungsbau, …

Secondly, which word you should use depends on the concrete case.

"Wohnungswesen" ist the broadest term.

"Wohnungsbau" refers only to construction and what's narrowly connected to construction.

"Wohnsiedlung" refers to a single place, one housing complex. This is not what you want to convey with "Planung und Wohnsiedlung", I assume.

"Wohnung" as in "Wohnungsmanagement" would most commonly be understood as the management of one or several apartments on an individual level, for example what a janitor/caretaker does.

In "Wohnraum", "Raum" can have to meanings: space or a room. "Wohn-" here means that its purpose is accommodation. "Gestaltung" again is very broad and could mean the decorating of one room, or the way that a city plans its buildings for housing.

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