as in the title of the post. I saw it used as "rick rollst" and "gerick rolled" in a Reddit post. Would it be considered a mistake if I used it on a test? And how should I do it? (Screenshot of the Reddit thread: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/454245855059378176/660992496507027466/Screenshot_20191230-004803.png?width=380&height=676)

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    I have absolutely no idea what a Rick Roll or rick rollst or gerick rolled are supposed to be. These are not German phrases. – Björn Friedrich Jan 1 at 19:39
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    Sorry for not explaining! It's a reference to a meme called "Rick Roll", (Here's more about it en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickrolling) – Nekuś Jan 1 at 19:44
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    What is your question exactly? Are you searching for a translation of "Rick Roll"? What you mentioned above, "rick rollst" and "gerick rolled", sound like forms of a verb "rickrollen". "Du rickrollst ihn. Er wurde gerickrollt." I don’t think, however, that this will be very well understood. (I had to look rick rolling up.) – idmean Jan 1 at 19:57
  • I'm searching for a translaslation and conjugation of it, sorry for making my question unclear. – Nekuś Jan 1 at 19:59

Would it be considered a mistake if I used it on a test?

This is impossible to answer. It depends on your teacher. If your teacher is not familiar with it, they will probably mark it as a mistake. And even if you explain this afterwards, they might be not open for internet bullshit. So do it at your own risk.

But how would we write this phenomenon correctly?

Checking the German version of Wikipedia is an obvious start and we find

„You have been Rickrolled“ (dt.: „Du bist gerickrollt worden“)

Starting from the English (to) Rickroll we add -en to make it a German verb. In this process we also let go of the capitalisation, which yields rickrollen. Following common German declination rules, the participle becomes gerickrollt.

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  • Thank you! This answers my question very well. – Nekuś Jan 1 at 20:05

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