Songs in mind are those whose tunes don't quite reflect their lyrics. Such songs may have sad lyrics but uplifting tunes or vice versa. Where the "mood" of the lyrics don't quite match that of the tune.

The ususal way is that songs with upbeat tunes tend to have uplifting lyrics and sad songs often have both sad-sounding tunes and lyrics that tell a sad story

Examples I can find include:

  • Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People;
  • Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

Is there a word for such songs?

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    Do you think you can demonstrate your "problem" by including the lyrics (or part of it) with a sound example, like written notes or a [youtube] link (even if that later might get deleted due to some copyright things)? – Shegit Brahm Jan 16 at 7:14
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    @ShegitBrahm Examples of such songs are provided in the post. It's just any song where the "mood" of the lyrics don't quite match that of the tune. – John Zhau Jan 16 at 7:30
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    Is there are word for this in the english language? I can't think of any. Likewise, I can't think of a german word for the "phenomenon" you describe. – waka Jan 16 at 8:13
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    Why would this question be off-topic? Such a word doesn't exist as far as I know. But that doesn't make the Question off-topic. – Olafant Jan 16 at 10:02
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    It was just closed. 3 of the votes were "off topic" which I disagree to, the other 2 (including mine) were "need clarity" – Volker Landgraf Jan 16 at 14:22

It's more than one word, but the first thing that immediantly comes to my mind.

In German I would say:

Dissonanz zwischen Musik und Text

(Dissonanz in its meaning as Unstimmigkeit = discrepancy)

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There is a German term which refers to the gaping of information between images shown and the spoken text in programs such as news programs, documentaries or instructional films. It's called

Ton-Bild-Schere (sound-image-scissors)

So in your case ... why not one of these



or similar constructions.

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Da gibt es eine Reihe von Möglichkeiten:

  • ein fröhliches Lied mit traurigem Text

  • eine traurige Melodie mit lustigem Text

  • ein einfaches Lied mit anspruchsvollem Text

  • ein musikalisch anspruchsvolles Lied mit simplem Text

und so weiter. Einen gängigen Ausdruck, um alle derartigen Varianten abzudecken, gibt es nicht. Man müsste einen erfinden, wie oben etwa Iris ("Dissonanz zwischen Musik und Text"), aber vermutlich müsste der Ausdruck noch weitere erklärende Zusätze tragen, wenn er auch selbsterklärend sein soll. Vielleicht:

Lied mit atmosphärischem Kontrast zwischen Musik und Text

Lied mit Stimmungs-Inkongruenz von Musik und Text

Lied mit emotionaler Disparität von Musik und Text

wobei ich zugebe, dass dies nur für die emotionale Differenz ist, nicht für die andere Möglichkeit einer Komplexitätsdivergenz zwischen Text und Musik, die ich oben ja auch kurz erwähnt hatte.

Wenn man's in ein Adjektiv-Konstrukt packen will, könnte man vielleicht sagen:

Text-Musik-disparates Lied

aber auch das wäre vermutlich dem uneingeweihten Leser nicht ohne Weiteres verständlich.

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