Kann Man sagt "Guten Tag zu Alles" to mean the he is saying good day to all in a group.

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I find the usual way to be just


while looking at everybody in the group.

If you want to emphasize that you really greet everybody, you can say

Hallo zusammen

Which I (North German) find more common to say than

Hallo alle miteinander

which feels slightly outdated to me, but still works.

Of course you can replace Hallo with Guten Tag.

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    My first German manager used to write "Hallo zusammen". Which when she wrote in English she would always directly translate to "Hello together", which always made me chuckle! (Which is probably why I never corrected her!) Mar 2, 2020 at 9:43

The Nominativ case, as suggested by πάντα ῥεῖ and infinitezero, is one (natural) option.

However, there are others. It's possible to use Dativ (whom do you wish a good day?):

Guten Tag Euch allen!

(...) allen Anwesenden einen Guten Tag.

If you use the right preposition, you may even use Akkusativ, e.g.:

Guten Tag an alle!


Kann Man sagt "Guten Tag zu Alles"

That's wrong in many ways:

Kann man sagt muss Kann man sagen heissen.

zu Alles cannot be used to refer for a group of people.

The usual way to say that in German is

Guten Tag alle miteinander.


You could also say "Guten Tag allerseits".

  • That's a good solution. It is not too casual, but also not too stiff. Mar 2, 2020 at 12:04

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