Die Farbe des Bus(ses) ist blau.

From what I know either "s" or "es" is added at the end of a masculine/neuter noun in singular form in genitive. This seems to be a special case.

Do you happen to know any other masculine/neuter nouns in genitive singular that have other terminations besides s/es?

I think "Schönen" can fit into this category as well.

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Since there are many nouns that belong to the so-called N-Deklination, I decided to create a community wiki. You can add relevant words to the alphabetically ordered lists by editing this answer.


  • Bär → Bären
  • Hase → Hasen
  • Held → Helden
  • Herr → Herr(e)n
  • Mensch → Menschen
  • Präsident → Präsidenten
  • Rabe → Raben
  • Student → Studenten


TODO: Fürst, Graf, Prinz, Zar, Welf, Schenk, Hirt, Schultheiß, Spatz, Fink, Pfau, Greif, Leu, Narr, Tor, Depp, Geck, Mohr, Oberst, Untertan, Vorfahr, Ahn, Typ, Graph, Tyrann, Kamerad, Bote, Rabe, Löwe, Welpe, Biograph, Digraph, Geograph, Photograph/Fotograf, Astrologe, Biologe, Geologe, Neurologe, Philologe, Psychologe, Astronom, Ökonom, Taxonom, Philosoph, Theosoph, Afghane, Apache, Brite, Chinese, Burmese, Däne, Este, Finne, ...

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