Are these two expressions both possible translations of "beauty of Paris"?

1) Schönheit von Paris

2) Paris Schönheit


Is there even more ways how to translate "beauty of Paris" into German?

Thank you.

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    Welcome. Each (unobvious) way of translating something depends on the particular context. The first item is the obvious translation of beauty of Paris. – Björn Friedrich May 3 at 19:55
  • The sentence 2) is an effort to use the genitive without the usage of "das". – Alexander Nilsson May 3 at 19:58

(Die) Schönheit von Paris

is the best option.

  • Paris' Schönheit

  • Die Schönheit Paris'

are also possible from my point of view (see Wiktionary entry for Paris’), but they are harder to read and sound odd when spoken because the genitive suffix gets lost (Die Schönheit Berlins, however, would be unambigous and sounds perfect).

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  • For "beauty of Prague" the genitive form would be "Prags Schönheit". Isn't the order reversed for your sentence about Berlin? "Berlins Schönheit"? – Alexander Nilsson May 3 at 20:36
  • @AlexanderParker just like Die Schönheit Paris' and Paris' Schönheit (see my answer), you can say Die Schönheit Prags or Prags Schönheit. I would prefer Die Schönheit Prags, to me it sounds more common and stylistically more appropriate in a text about beauty – amadeusamadeus May 3 at 20:44

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