Being new to german and not being used to it I find that Ich is pronounced as itch i.e the the ch is pronounced like ch in chapter Milch is pronounced as mil- sh, ch as sh in shampoo And Mich is pronounced as mi-kh, ch as kh in khaki Edit I have been using Duolingo,so this is the best I could guess on the basis of my listening skills. So correct me if I seem/ am wrong. Is there no hard rule here on pronounciation and we always have to listen to the word from a native speaker and never guess the pronounciation as we do in Spanish / russian.

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    This is not at all true. The ch in Milch, mich, and ich are pronounced exactly the same. – idmean May 9 at 6:57
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    It's helpful, thanks. @idmean – vanshita rawat May 9 at 7:14
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    You can use the dict.cc online dictionary for listening to words being correctly pronounced by native speakers. --> dict.cc/?s=Milch - Generally be aware that there are two different pronunciations of "ch" in German, depending on the preceding vowel: dich vs Dach, mich vs doch, dicht vs. Docht, etc., with the place in the mouth where the friction occurs being totally different. For the acoustical difference, use dict.cc. – Christian Geiselmann May 9 at 7:43
  • Thanks, thats a helpful new experience as it is available in a lot more languages too. @Christian Geiselmann – vanshita rawat May 9 at 11:24
  • Also be aware that the pronunciation changes from region to region. Many southern dialects pronounce the "ch" as "sh". Northern dialects (including Berlin) pronounce it as "kh" when used in the personal pronoun "Ich". – Mr.Bum May 10 at 23:16

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