I don't know German and here is the sentence.

"Wunderbar! Peter look! Wie die geht! Wie die aussieht, die ist genau meine Kragenweite!" (Arnold Wesker, Kitchen)

I used google translate but couldn't understand what he means. Previously he was talking to a waitress he likes at work and when she answers him, he says this to his friend peter. Is he talking about the way she works? How she looks? How a tie would fit him?

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(Genau) jemandes Kragenweite sein is a German proverb meaning

to be to one's taste

to find something/someone likeable/appealing


to be with someone at the same level

Imagine a shirt collar that fits perfectly around your neck (collar size - Kragenweite).

A similar english proverb might be

suit sb (right) down to the ground


My cup of tea

In this case, the man is talking about a woman he sees, so you can translate it like this

"Wonderful! Peter look! The way she walks! The way she looks, she suits me right down to the ground.


she is exactly what I'm looking for

she is what I'm talking about

she is my cup of tea


From the comments:

she's just my type


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