For the various use cases of kriegen, DWDS shows a specific usage and construction of kriegen + Noun + Partizip II (Bedeutung 1.g). For example:

Wir haben Geld ausgezahlt gekriegt.

Wir haben ein großes Pensum aufgeladen gekriegt.

Ich kriegte einen guten Tropfen eingeschenkt.

I have not seen this construct before and would like to know if this is unique to the verb kriegen or there is a more general rule which applies to other verbs as well.

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    This feels at least very "low level" to me, if not outright wrong. Standard German would probably be a construction with "bekommen", like "Wir haben Geld ausgezahlt bekommen". Jan 6, 2021 at 19:31

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The verb »kriegen« has a synonym that is even more frequently used and is a part of high quality standard German whereas »kriegen« is rather a word mainly used in colloquial speech. This synonym is »bekommen« and it is used the same way as »kriegen«:

Wir haben Geld ausgezahlt bekommen.
We got money paid out.
Wir haben ein großes Pensum aufgeladen bekommen.
We got a big workload loaded on us.
Ich bekam einen guten Tropfen1 eingeschenkt.
I got poured a good wine.

1»Ein guter Tropfen« is a synonym for a good glass of wine.

The usage of the word »kriegen« is discouraged in formal speech. To use it is not wrong, but »bekommen« is better style.

Be aware, that German »bekommen« and English »to become« are false friends. Here are the correct translations:

  • etwas bekommen = to get something
  • etwas werden = to become something

Lisa bekommt ein Auto. = Lisa gets a car.
Lisa wird Lehrerin. = Lisa becomes a teacher.

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