I like to re-read in German translation my favorite authors1, and I enjoy it even more when they are in the form of dual-language editions.

To my surprise, however, I'm having a difficult time searching for dual-language editions aimed at the German-speaking market.2

More specifically, when I include "zweisprachige Ausgabe" or "zweisprachige Ausgaben" among the search terms, the hits that come up mention only books in the original language (i.e. rather than dual-language, these editions appear to be the original ones). To see what I mean, this is what I get when I Google for:

"alice munro" "zweisprachige ausgabe" | "zweisprachige ausgaben"

Two possibilities come to mind: either

  1. "zweisprachige Ausgabe" does not (or not necessarily) mean what I think it does; or
  2. I happen to have an uncanny predilection for works that have not appeared as zweisprachige Ausgaben.

If the first possibility is the case, is there some other search term (besides zweisprachige Ausgabe(n), that is) that would yield better results?

If the second one is the case, is there some way to search for zweisprachige Ausgaben that would maximize the number of such editions I actually find? E.g., is there some publisher, or online bookseller, that has offers a substantial, and easily searchable, collection of such editions?

1To be more precise, I should have written "those among my favorite works of fiction that were originally written in a language that I can read more comfortably than I can read German". Hence, I'm not interested in "zweisprachige Ausgaben" of, e.g., Stanisław Lem's brilliant stories, since, unfortunately, I can't read a word of Polish.

2Why not read dual-language editions of works originally written in German? Because I know that translation is a very difficult and very subtle art, and I feel in a far better position to judge it when the original language is one which I can already read fluently.

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It is probably one of the disadvantages of a search machine when it comes to finding exactly what you were searching.

My different approach with accessing a bookshop's webpage directly reveals a lot of interesting literature in bilingual editions:

I am sure there will be similar results when searching in a shop in your country. The links above should also give you the ISBN of a given book to start a search.

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