"Milch Kaputt 3 Papier" is the title of a German short film. The synopsis given here just says

Die Milch ist alle. Etwas liegt in der Luft. Bunte Vögel im Fernseher.

What does the title mean?

I have been looking in several dictionaries, for example: https://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/Verzeichnis:Deutsch/Redewendungen#M

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    this means nothing... please add some context where you THINK this comes from: This is absolute gibberish / nonsense, just 3 random words and one number... means the same in english: "Milk broken 3 paper"... nothing... – Torsten Link Feb 11 at 11:10
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    That is impossible to say without knowing the context. It looks like a meaningless jumble of words. – David Vogt Feb 11 at 11:11
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    ok, just Googled... seems to be a title of a German comedy... still the answer stays the same: It means nothing... "Ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?" – Torsten Link Feb 11 at 11:14
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    Seems to be the title of a short film: g.co/kgs/fNg5PR – Björn Friedrich Feb 11 at 11:15
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    @TorstenLink I wouldn't have done this for a regular user. But I think it's more encouraging for new users to show them what we expect (not only tell and downvote/close). And you're right, we can not be 100% certain that this is what Alex wanted to know, but the word combination is so odd and specific that I was confident enough to edit this in. And if it's not what they wanted, Alex can still change the given context. – Arsak Feb 11 at 12:38

Disclaimer: Usually by the policy of this site "low effort & Low quality" questions are not to be answered here. But @Arsak is right: We should be more welcoming to new users...

Therefor the answer -as pointed out in comments-:

These 4 words do not have any meaning in that context. They are just random words probably taken from one or more senseless conversations within the movie.

Most probably you can see that as "artistic freedom".

If might be, that the "inner sense" of these words is explained in the movie, but it does not have to be necessarily.

I tried to find a comment from the director or the writers of the movie, but could not find anything...

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