This sentence appeared in a recent episode of Rote Rosen.

Bis wir offen sind für Neues.

I would have thought that one of the following would have been more correct.

Bis wir sind offen für Neues.


Bis wir offen für Neues sind.

Any comments to explain the word order?

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    [Bis] [wir] sind offen für Neues is not a possible sentence: in a hypothetical main clause, there must be exactly one and only one element before the finite verb ('V2 word order'). However, bis couldn't be that element since it is a subordinating conjunction that always introduces a subclause. Your second example (bis wir offen für Neues sind), however, is perfectly fine as a subclause. Commented Feb 19, 2021 at 19:36

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The rule, that the finite verb always stands at position 2 (and all other verbs at the end) applies only for full statements. It is not valid for:

  • questions

    Schläfst du?

  • commands

    Geh mir aus den Augen!

  • jokes

    Kommt eine Frau zum Arzt und sagt ...

  • ellipses and fragments of sentences

    Macht elf neunzig.

  • subordinate clauses (which are fragments of full sentences)

    ..., weil ich ein Mädchen bin.

Your examples is a fragment; it is a subordinate clause. A full sentence containing your example might be:

Alle warten, bis wir offen sind für Neues.

The word »bis« is a very complicated word that appears in many different situations. Here, in this sentence, it behaves like a subordinating conjunction. And German subordinate clauses normally have their finite verb at their last position:

Ich bleibe noch ein wenig, weil ich den Sonnenuntergang sehen will.
Ich bleibe, bis ich den Sonnenuntergang sehe.
Alle warten, bis wir für Neues offen sind.

The field, that is occupied by finite verbs in subordinate clauses is called »rechte Klammer«, and normally this really is the last field in a sentence. But there is also a »Nachfeld« behind this »rechte Klammer«, but in most sentences it is left empty. But it can be used as a place to position parts of speech that you want to point out, so that they get more attention, and this is done in this version:

Alle warten, bis wir offen sind für Neues.

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