One can capitalize pronouns in mails/letters.

For example:

Ich schreibe dir.


Ich schreibe Dir.

When should it be capitalized?


If you want to be polite, you capitalize pronouns in personal speech. It's good manner and mainly used in letters.

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    This answer is more than incomplete, if not wrong. In short: The pronoun of address Sie and the corresponding possessive pronoun Ihr must be capitalized (§ 65), the other pronouns of address (du, ihr) and the corresponding possessive pronouns (dein, euer) can be capitalized in letters and the like (§ 66, E). All other pronouns (er/sie/es, wir, plural sie) and their corresponding possessive pronouns mustn't be capitalized (except, of course, at the beginning of a sentence). Apr 1 at 7:00

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