I'm searching any good database about German words (substantives currently, but a more comprehensible database will go down well also), with, almost, the following information:

  • Word name: in nomative Singular.
  • natural/grammatical genre
  • inflections: in plural, dative plural and genitive singular (or n-declination).
  • pronunciation: pronunciation and hyphenation with IPA.

Does you know any free database with these characteristics?

canoo.net meet this requirements (except pronunciation), and moreover has some kind of API:

But I haven't seen any description of this API in any point of canoo.net. You can only have access of these lists by means of the web page.


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The German Wiktionary offers all information you require.

Let's for example take the substantive dog. The Wiktionary entry for dog gives us:

  • Word name: Hund
  • natural/grammatical genre: m
  • inflections
    • in plural: die Hunde
    • dative plural: den Hunden
    • genitive singular: des Hunds, des Hundes
  • pronunciation: [hʊnt], Plural: [ˈhʊndə] (audio samples available)
  • hyphenation: Hund, Plural: Hun·de


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