This meat product on a stick is called "Lamellspiess". What type of meat is it, and what is the English translation?

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    Worauf bezieht sich das "this"? Gibt es eine Quelle? Wo? Von der Wortstruktur ist die Einzahl "ein Spieß", die Mehrzahl "die Spieße" und "Spießen" könnte in einem Satz vorkommen, etwa "Mit den Lamellenspießen gelingt der Grillabend". Außerdem könnte es ein substantiviertes Verb sein, was aber hier wohl semantisch ausgeschlossen werden kann. "Beim alljährlichen Lamellenspießen im Grilldorf an der Sauce verletzte sich der Vorjahressieger ledier tödlich." Das Wort ist eine Zusammensetzung aus "Lamelle" und "Spieß", d.h. der Spieß hat wohl eine Lamellenformm oder spießt etwas lamellenförmiges auf – user unknown May 3 at 12:54
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    I have never heard that word, and as userunknown writes, this is likely a Swiss word. My guess is that the word refers to the shape of the meat, not the kind of meat. If this is sold somewhere, then there should be a list of ingredients. – Carsten S May 3 at 14:52
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    ss because Swiss – user610620 May 3 at 19:37
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    offerscheck.ch/aldi-suisse/bbq-lamellenspiess-24x9 . CHF1.69 for 250g in Switzerland! Probably pork I'd assume. – HalvarF May 4 at 12:05
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    I’m voting to close this question because there is no interest in understanding German, it's just about edibility. – c.p. May 4 at 13:19


The German word Lamelle is lamella in English. It is a thin slice that exists together with other thin slices which belong together. If you cut meat in many thin slices, then it is called Lamellen in Switzerland.

Spieß (in Swiss German: Spiess)

There are many translations for this word, but when we talk about cooking, then it's a skewer.

So, when you cut meat in thin slices and spike them on a skewer, and when you are in Switzerland, then you get a Lamellenspiess.

  • is lamelle beef, pork, lamb – user610620 May 3 at 19:35
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    @user610620: Yes: Beef, pork, lamb or what ever you want. Also chicken, turkey, duck, kangaroo, etc. Just cut it in thin slices (lamellas) and put it on a stick. – Hubert Schölnast May 3 at 19:38
  • i mean, any way to tell what meat was used, if all the main label said was lamellspiess? already threw away the ingredients/plastic – user610620 May 3 at 19:39
  • @user610620: The part »Lamelle« tells you only that it is cut in thin slices. It doesn't tell you from which animal it was taken. If you spike cube-shaped pieces of meat on the stick, it's not a »Lamellenspiess«. – Hubert Schölnast May 3 at 19:43
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    @user610620 Lamelle is in fact just as descriptive as minced meat, sausage and medaillon as it denominates the way of preparation. But since the packaging will still tell you which animal it is from, this need not be an obstacle for buying. – amadeusamadeus May 3 at 21:35

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