Is there any mobile apps or online service where you can read, listen to german books and make some notes or even translation (at least to select the word).

I know the similar services by famous brand. But you have to buy every single book there in spite of you have monthly subscription. I'm looking for service where is only monthly pay and no limit for book reading/listening. And all i found has only audio and no text or vice versa.

Is there smth like that?

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    Welcome to German.SE. So you found a service that fulfills all your needs and is just book based instead of a monthly fee? Because asking for a functionality is something different then asking for a business model. Taking notes is what some PDF readers offer - just there is no audio book included. So you would have to buy both. Despite that, there is a thread about learning ressources: german.stackexchange.com/questions/9526/… Sep 29 '21 at 8:27

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