Could someone explain what is a difference "Bei den Fachleuten werden gennant" oder "von den Fachleuten werden gennant"? Which one is correct?

original my sentence: Bei den Fachleuten werden ein Sender und ein Empfänger als Terminal genannt.

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Still a bit short on context, but I suggest:

Fachleute bezeichnen die Kombination aus Sender und Empfänger als Terminal.


  • no article for Fachleute
  • genannt has the the double-n behind the a
  • Von Fachleuten is better than bei, unter Fachleuten or in Fachkreisen may also be considered
  • could you please explain why we dont use any article for Fachleute? Is there any rule about it? Dec 6, 2021 at 15:01
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    @AnnaKoroleva In this case, the determinate article can give the sentence a bit of a determinative vibe. "Die Fachleute" can be read as similar to "diese Fachleute", as in "andere Fachleute verwenden eine andere Bezeichnung". Just "Fachleute" without an article is more read as a category title, like "Menschen, die Fachleute sind, bezeichnen...". It's similar in English, "Experts call..." vs. "The experts call...". Dec 7, 2021 at 9:31

The difference is between any kind of quote vs. a proper citation of some sort of publication.

"von Müller wird etw. [X] genannt" == "Müller has called this [X]" (could be in paper, in a keynote speech, a tweet or whatever)

"bei Müller wird etw. [X] genannt" == "Müller's publication calls this [X]" (must be a journal article, book or similar)

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