I am currently writing a technical article in German which is about coding techniques and I am having a hard time translating it properly. Especially words in the context of dependency injection.

How would you translate scoped service and transient service? A singleton in contrast directly translates to the German word Singleton which totally makes sense for an educated German reader. However, transient and scoped are more difficult.

The German version of Microsoft's documentation translates these terms to:

  • Transient Service => Vorübergehender Service
  • Scoped Service => Bereichsbezogener Service

Seems a bit bulky to me...

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  • "A singleton in contrast directly translates to the German word Singleton which totally makes sense for an educated German reader." - I do not claim to be (sufficiently) educated, but as a native German reader, let me say that I was totally unaware that "Singleton" is also a German word. I always knew it exclusively as an English loanword used for the programming concept for lack of a suitable German word. Commented Jan 12, 2022 at 20:10

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In general for computer science

I learned software development in a time where every book was meticulously cleaned from English words, which made it only hard for me to learn new languages later.

Honestly, I wouldn't translate technical terms in software engineering too much. Because if you do, especially for coding techniques, your readers have a hard time to access the vast resources which are only available in English (since even most German-speaking computer scientists only write English resources).

To answer your questions, I suggest that you have a short Begriffserklärung at the start of your chapter.


  • Service itself doesn't have to be translated with Dienst and especially in computer science people use it interchangeably, especially when combining it with English terms.

Transient service

  • Transienz and transient are regular German words used in a variety of technical fields (architects, electrical engineering and also computer scientists)
    • I suggest to use those terms, maybe translate it once with vorrübergehende/flüchtige Dienste, explain what the concept means (Dienst wird bei jedem Aufruf neu instanziiert...), but then use Transienter Service as a technical term.

Scoped Service

  • Scoped as in "visibility of variables to external objects" is Sichtbarkeit (public, private, protected), but in most modern texts I often see Sichtbarkeit (engl. Scope).
  • Scoped in "scoped service" was never translated in my opinion, because techniques like singleton, dependency injections and generics came after people stopped translating everything.
    • I suggest that you translate "scoped service" once with bereichsspezifischer Dienst, explain what that concept means (Dienst wird innerhalb eines Bereichs, z.B. einer HTTP-Anfrage nur einmal instanziiert...), but then use Scoped Service as a German technical term in the paper itself.


Together with the explanation of a Singelton Dienst wird nur einmal zur Laufzeit einer Applikation instanziiert... it should work well, but still give your readers access to the English resources.


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