I am working on a software development project where I am using IPERKA as a method to implement my project, which I found only in German language. But I feel inform is not a suitable word for informieren and couldn't think of any better word as well. May be Information collection .. Any help would be highly appreciated .

For example

Informieren und Vorbereiten : In english Inform and Prepare doesn't looks suitable

may be Information collection(Information Gathering ) and Preparation.. But since I am very bad in German .. any suitable translation would be highly appreciated.

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"informieren" and "to inform" are kind-of "false friends": in German "informieren" has two meanings: reflexively used ("sich informieren") means "to gather information", non-reflexively used it means "to pass information". English only uses this latter meaning:

  • "Ich informiere mich über ..." I learn about...

  • "Ich informiere jemanden über ..." I inform someone about ...

For your purpose "assess (the situation)" or "learn" is perhaps a good choice.

Notice that "realisieren"-"realize" and "kontrollieren"-"control" further down your chart pose similar problems: I'd suggest "to implement" for "realisieren" and "to reassess" or "to follow-up" for "kontrollieren".

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In this context research seems the most natural to me.

  • research (What needs to be done?)
  • gather ideas (Which ways of doing xy are available?)
  • decide (What are we about to do?)
  • development
  • assess (Everything done as discussed in 3.?)
  • evaluation (How did we do? Is there something to improve?)

Right away, I would have chosen "gather information" or "gather facts". Two ways, which hadn't been mentioned yet.


I suggest Erkundigungen einholen or, if it should be a verb only: erkundigen, for it relates more to the gathering of information.

(I hope I have not misinterpreted the question and you are looking for a German alternative; otherwise, the question would be off-topic anyway.)

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