I am looking for something similar to this list: https://www.wordfrequency.info/samples.asp It is a list of about 5000 lemmas sorted by their frequency. Where can I find this type of high-quality list of German words?


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Since the question does not require a list that is available for free, here is my suggestion: A Frequency Dictionary of German: Core Vocabulary for Learners by Erwin Tschirner and Jupp Möhring (second edition, Routledge, 2020). According to the publisher, the book

contains the 5,000 most commonly used words of German today, occurring in a 20-million-word corpus (compared to a 4.2-million-word corpus in the first edition). The basis of the frequency list is a significantly extended version of the Herder/BYU Corpus of Contemporary German. The Dictionary contains spoken and written German, and represents different genres, text types, registers, styles, and also regional varieties.

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