I am having trouble translating the phrase "macht nichts an".

I am listening to "Indianer", the second track of the Nena Band's first album. (When it was released in 1983 the term "Indian/Indianer" was still commonly used.)

There are several meanings for "anmachen" at Reverso. There is a detailed explanation on YourDailyGerman. But nothing makes sense when the word is pushed into negation (nichts).

How would you translate the phrase?

The entire verse is: "Auf dem Kriegspfad (warpath), im Wigwam / Indianer macht nichts an / Wir sind mutig, wir sind schlau / Wie die Indianer, How!"

Thank you!


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This phrase is a little play of words on two different meanings of the verb "anmachen".

One meaning is sexually connoted:

Diese Frau macht mich an
This woman turns me on

The other is more colloquial:

Der Typ macht mich (blöde) an
This guy provokes me

So there are two situations that match that different meanings: The first ist the warpath where someone could provoke me. The second is the wigwam where probably a woman waits for me to turn me on...

And both situations are neglected by saying: Indians are so cool, they do not care for either of them.


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