If I wanted to say "a free car, dog and cat" would

"ein kostenloses Auto, Hund und Katze"

work? or would I have to split it up and say

"ein kostenloses Auto, ein kostenloser Hund und eine Kostenlose Katze"

since they have different genders and decline differently?


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In correct German, you would indeed have to split it up to make the adjective refer to all the nouns:

"... ein kostenloses Auto, ein kostenloser Hund und eine kostenlose Katze ..."

Of course, repetition like that is just bad style. So to avoid that, you would normally use a workaround like an apposition:

"... ein Auto, ein Hund und eine Katze, alle (drei) kostenlos, ..."

  • It can be bad style, or it can be used to emphasize (even with same gendered nouns) Aug 15, 2022 at 5:27

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