„Viele Menschen genießen dank finanzieller Absicherung durch das Rentensystem und guter gesundheitlicher Versorgung ihr Rentnerdasein.“

In this sentence I cannot understand why adjectives - 'guter' and' gesundheitlicher' have er in the end even though nouns are feminine and in nominative case. Same goes with " finanzieller Absicherung" again feminine noun in nominative but er in the end. What am I missing?

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You're missing the preposition "dank" which requires Genitive (or Dative, i personally prefer Genitive). Thus, "Gesundheitsversorgung" / "Versorgung" isn't Nominative but Genitive, indicated by the adjectives "guter" and "gesundheitlicher" (both Genitive, strong inflection).

The strong inflection makes it quite hard to recognize the Genitive case. With weak inflection, it would be easier, i think:

viele Menschen genießen dank der finanziellen Absicherung durch das Rentensystem und der guten gesundheitlichen Versorgung ihr Rentnerdasein...

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