wenn sie jemanden besser(en) finden koennte.

My question is regarding the bracketed "en" in the above sentence. Why is it there?

  • It would help, if would would identify the adjective and noun you assume to have found. Hint: jemand is an indefinite pronoun.
    – guidot
    Nov 28, 2022 at 21:43

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If you find someone "besser" than you still find the same person, but just better in a sense that you like them more.

Another example for "besser" in your example is that you find a better way to find someone in a direct sense of finding a person, as in searching for them.

But if you find a "besseren" than you find someone else you like more e.g. and its not the same person anymore.

The brackets are probably there to indicate that there are multiple possibilities to use the word.

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