After missing my call, a Swiss insurance worker texted me that they are in a "Seelsmeeting". When translating this word on Google it says Souls meeting or Spiritual meeting, which makes no sense. What does this word really mean?

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    I assume they mean a "sales meeting". The pronounciation of "Seels" is an approximation of how "sales" would be pronounced. Maybe they are trying to be funny?
    – user6495
    Jan 16, 2023 at 8:57

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This is not a German word. I suspect that the insurance clerk typed into their device


But the German spell checker did not know the English part Sales of this compound noun and "corrected" it to the best fitting German word Seele, which when part of a compound noun becomes either Seelen- or Seels-, and because of the s at the end of Sales the program apparently decided on Seels-. And so the nonsensical word Seelsmeeting was born.

By the way: The English word meeting is used in German texts as a loanword (English spelling and almost English pronunciation). However, since it is a noun, the first letter is capitalized in German texts (unless it is part of a compound word and does not come first there).

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