I know the expressions "in der Suche nach" "bei der Suche nach" and "auf der Suche nach" which all mean "in the search for" but with different prepositions and I don't know when to use each of them I searched in Reverso Context and it showed that "bei der Suche nach" means "During the search for/of" and "in der Suche nach" means in search for something (but in a quest or something like a serious mission) and "auf der Suche nach" means in searching for (a normal search like a job) please explain simply the difference between the three

My question is simply what is the difference between: In der Suche nach Auf der Suche nach Bei der Suche nach And please tell me if the information I said above is correct or not

  • "auf" and "bei" are both completely opaque in meaning and sound interchangeable to me. Feb 24, 2023 at 14:24

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  • auf der Suche sein nach (= suchen nach) ⇒ to be searching for

Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Wohnung.
(I am searching for an apartment.)

  • bei der Suche nach ⇒ while searching for

Bei der Suche nach Metall bin ich auf einen Ring gestoßen.
(While searching for metal, I happened to find a ring.)

  • in der Suche: This sounds less idiomatic to me and works only in particular expressions, for example:

Ich stecke in der Suche nach neueren Informationen fest.
(I am stuck in the search for more recent information.)

Welcher Begriff steht in der Suche? (= Welcher Begriff steht im Suchfeld?)
(Which term is in the search field?)

  • Yes thank you now I understand but I think "in der Suche nach" is used less commonly than the other two maybe you can use it like "Im Suchfeld" or in a quest of a search or something maybe but it is still correct but not common
    – MonsterX
    Feb 24, 2023 at 10:46

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