Is the verb in this sentence "zu jemandem sehen in etw."? I couldn't understand.

"Eine Parallele zwischen den Mikroben bei Wells und der menschlichen Vernunft sieht zu Guttenberg darin, dass beide Phänomene klein und unsichtbar sind."


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Your issue might just be the former nobility name "zu Guttenberg": The word zu is just part of the name, like van in "Ludwig van Beethoven" or von in "John von Neumann".

So "zu Guttenberg" is the subject of the sentence, everything before the verb "sieht" is an accusative object. The basic idiom here is "etwas (accusative) in etwas (dative) sehen". I think this exists in English as well.

Zu Guttenberg sees a parallel between ... in the fact that ...

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