enter image description hereI have some documents written in German. I can barely make out some of the words. May be someone could read or understand what kind of document this is? Thank you. I also upload some of them

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    Thank you all! I'm not this used to this platform yet. Now it's uploaded Apr 21, 2023 at 9:28

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The document is a thank-you letter whose writer (A) thanks the recipient (B) for sending them one of their (B's) writings (Schrift).

Judging by your other documents, B might be Dr. Krahmer, theology adjunct at the Marburg university. In this case, the Schrift might have been an academic essay or the like.

Kassel am 17. Oct. 1838

Ew. Wohlgeboren

danke ich ergebenst für die mit Schreiben vom 5. Oct. gütig mitgetheilte Schrift, die ein Beweis Ihres fortgesetzten Fleisses und Ihrer thätigen Wirksamkeit ist.

Ich bin mit vorzüglicher Hochachtung

Ew. Wohlgeboren


Kassel, 17th October 1838

I most respectfully thank you† for the writing you kindly sent me with your letter of Oct. 5th, which attests to your continual hard work and intense activity.

Most respectfully,


[signature is missing]

†Here the writer uses the very formal, respectful address "Ew. [Euer] Wohlgeboren", which I chose not to translate for lack of an elegant English counterpart.


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