Here is another document I can't read nor understand what type of document this is I'd be very grateful for your commentsenter image description here

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It's a summons to speak to the university's rector ("Müller, Prorektor"), but I can't really decipher some of the key parts. It's some dreadful scrawl (Sauklaue).

I'm leaving this open for others to edit.

Herr Dr. Krahmer wird hiermit amtlich ersucht
Sich heute Abend um 7 Uhr Behufs einer weiteren(?)
zum [Ziele? or G...?] führenden(?) Unterredung über den bekannten
Gegenstand bei dem Unterzeichneten einzufinden.

Marburg den 20sten Decbr. 1838 Müller, Prorektor

We know from your other document that Dr. Krahmer lived in Marburg from 1833 to 1840. The Prorektor of the University of Marburg (a Rektor in all but name) in 1838/39 was Julius Müller.

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