Von der ?ügell Grenadier Compagnie

Drittes Regiment Gardeenter image description here 1786

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It is definitely "Flügel Grenadier Compagnie". The second "l" is a spelling mistake.

Some interesting links are


The first line is

Maass und Rangier Rolle

See here.

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    Was German spelling sufficiently standardised in 1786 for this to be considered a spelling mistake rather than a variant spelling? Jun 5 at 11:39
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    @JackAidley Certainly it was not as much standardised as today, but there is no indication that the spelling "Flügell" would have been in use about the year 1800. See here for examples taken from German literature.
    – Paul Frost
    Jun 5 at 17:09

I would say the incomplete word means


See Wikipedia, but I can't recognize the reason for the second L.

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