Da der reibungslose Transport von Waren und Versorgungsgütern in Deutschland nach wie vor auf einwandfrei funktionierende Straßen angewiesen ist, müssen Bundesstrassen, Autobahnen und Brücken stets repariert und für den Schwerverkehr befahrbar sein.

In the above, why is "einwandfrei" not declined? I think it should be since it is an adjective.

The issue feels reminiscent of the issue discussed in this post but I am not sure how to map the ideas in the answers of that post to the one here.


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Just reading the question title, I thought, well, probably because it’s an adverb. And indeed, “einwandfrei” describes “funktionierend”, not “Straßen”. Adjectives used as adverbs are not declined, indeed that’s how you can often recognise them.

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