I've got a german audio book. In one of its chapters the speaker says:

"Über viele Jahre in bekarrte ich beruflich mit der Erforderung von Führungsqualität in Unternehmen zu tun"

Here is the audio file.

What does he say in the striken section?


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Über viele Jahre hinweg hatte ich beruflich mit der Förderung von Führungsqualität in Unternehmen zu tun.

Über einen Zeitraum hinweg = over a timespan. The 'hinweg' somewhat implies continuously and/or often or repeatedly.

Note also that it says 'Förderung' (and not Erforderung - that wouldn't even be a word).

Basically the sentence means that the speaker was for many years in the business of improving (or supporting) leadership quality within businesses

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    Thank you for the answer. So it turns out, the word hinweg was diminishing the listening comprehension there. And the verb hatte or haben now makes zu tun at the end, meaningful. It roughly translates into "I have with the improvement of leadership quality many years of (experience) to do" (to do => zu tun) As for my transcription of Erforderung, I was thinking of the nominative of the verb erfordern but there is no such a word, as you pointed out.
    – Terry
    Commented Sep 13, 2023 at 9:16

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