Obwohl aufgrund der stetig an Fahrt aufnehmenden Erderwärmung an allen Küsten dieser Erde die Wasserspiegel steigen, nehmen die verfügbaren Süßwasservorräte rasant ab.

I am having difficulty translating the above sentence due to the "an Fahrt" part. Could someone guide me on how to do it?

When I check in reverso, it tells me that an Fahrt means the same as the English noun momentum, but to my understanding, an Fahrt acts like an adverb in the above.

So does the said English translation of "momentum" not work here? How do I translate it then?


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Stetig [an] Fahrt aufnehmend simply translates to

steadily accelerating

As stated in the linked question and its answers, an can at least be safely omitted.

Gaining momentum would be an alternative, if you want to keep the construct involving a noun.

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