Simply to check if my understanding is correct, in an infinitiv clause (constructed with zu), only objects can be there and no subjects. And, the objects are those required by the verb.

Is this correct? Or are there counter examples?

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You are correct. Infinitive clauses do not feature a subject. It's "borrowed" from the main clause.

Ich erinnere mich daran, dass ich ihn kenne.

Ich erinnere mich daran, ihn zu kennen.

If the subject of the object clause and the main clause aren't identical, you have to introduce an adverbial in the main clause you can "borrow" it from:

Er erwartet (von mir), dass ich ihn treffe.

Er erwartet von mir, ihn zu treffen.


It's basically correct. Objects can be those required by the verb or optional with the verb, and there can of course also be other parts like adverbs and prepositionals, just no separate subject.

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