Ich freue mich auf ins Kino gehen.

I wrote the sentence above myself from an example in Duolingo and it was like this:

Ich freue mich auf Amerika

But when I translated it from English the sentence I wanted, it translated like this:

Ich freue mich darauf, ins Kino zu gehen.

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 Ich freue mich auf ins Kino gehen.

Prepositions lead noun phrases, not verb phrases. You can make a verb a noun by nominalizing the infinitive for example:

Ich freue mich auf das Gehen ins Kino.

This is grammatical but it sounds clunky in this example. That is mostly because of the appended direction. In colloquial German, people may say:

Ich freue mich auf das ins-Kino-Gehen.

But that's still a bit odd. A better way to phrase it is:

Ich freue mich auf den Kinobesuch.

which combines the nouns das Kino and der Besuch on the fly. German native speakers do that all the time. Do it as well.

If you are lazy, you could also say:

Ich freu' mich auf's Kino.

Here the listener has to guess from context that this is about going to the movies. This is also a very common way to phrase such things in German. That's why Duolingo has it with Amerika.

Ich freue mich darauf, ins Kino zu gehen.

This is an alternative that retains the verb phrase in an adverbial clause. You need to put the da-adverb with the matching preposition into the main clause for this.

But it sounds very formal. People don't speak like this.


No. It is comprehensible (I understand what you want to say), but it is not grammatical. You can't put an infinitive phrase after a preposition this way.

"darauf, ins Kino zu gehen" is of course ok and the way that native speakers would say it.

You can also maybe say "Ich freue mich aufs (= auf das) Ins-Kino-Gehen" (turning the verbal phrase into a noun phrase). This is a very clumsy way to say it, but it is grammatical.

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