Is there a word or a phrase in German to cut off the sentence when talking about something but not all the details are important.

Example in English: "Last night, we went out to that place for drinks [and what not] [and so on]."

Here the details aren't interesting enough to mention or not important, so its like "et cetera" to skip and get to the point.

I usually find my self saying "Und So.." not sure if that is correct.

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    Und so is perfectly fine and applicable in virtually any situation. Feb 21 at 12:06
  • @infinitezero Das ist m.E. die Antwort.
    – Olafant
    Feb 21 at 17:20

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As in English, there is a variety of colloquial options, with nuances in meaning. Here are some:

  • und so weiter ("and so on")
  • und so ("and so on")
  • et cetera ("et cetera")
  • und haste nicht gesehen (rather informal, might also be regional, "and what not")
  • und, und, und (also rather informal, roughly "and even more")
  • mit allem, was dazu gehört ("with all the bells and whistles")
  • mit allem drum und dran (more informal, "with all the bells and whistles")

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