There are these four sentences:

du bist der Schnellste

das Wichtigste ist die Ernährung

Das Beste, was er zu bieten hat, ist seine Wohnung.

Du bist echt die Beste

how do we determine the gender for superlative?

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The gender of gender-flexible items aligns to the gender of the noun they refer to. This is a general rule. But there are corner cases.

du bist der Schnellste

This refers to someone of arbitrary real-world gender. Arbitrary because of generic masculinum. While

du bist die Schnellste

refers to someone of female real-world gender.

das Wichtigste ist die Ernährung

This refers to things to consider, and it's das Ding. Hence neuter.

Das Beste was er zu bieten hat, ist seine Wohnung.

Same here.

Du bist echt die Beste.

Same as above, it's someone because of du, and that someone is explictly female.

— Always mark women as female. If you don't know the real-world gender, use generic masculinum. —

  • @Janke thanks a lot for your answer. It's very clear.
    – Dennis
    Mar 17 at 19:13

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